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Defense & Security

Eye Ball R1 surveillance device

ODF Optronics

Eye Ball R1 is a compact wireless 360° mobile display system, designed to be used in tactical operations where law enforcement personnel need to see the situation before entering a building, floor or room. The Eye Ball R1 is rugged allowing tactical users to roll, toss, lower or throw it as applications demand. ODF's Eye Ball R1 gradually scans the scene to cover 360 degrees, transmitting the image and audio from the scene, in real-time, via wireless communication to remote and mobile display unit. Each sensor is packed in a hand-held durable ball, which is designed to be thrown to remote and potentially dangerous location, without exposing the operators to the danger. The Eye Ball can sustain shocks and vibrations as will as other harsh environmental conditions. The Eye Ball R1 transmits streaming video and audio to a Personal Display Unit (PDU) that enables display of the image received from the Eye Ball, as well as control of the rotation direction of the sensor. Advanced versions of the Eye Ball include automatic video motion detection on the monitor. The Eye Ball R1 can quickly be attached to a pole providing visibility into ceilings and attics. Its near-infrared capability is essential for night or dark operations.