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Illumination & Displays

Multi-touch resistive touch screen module

Touch International

Touch International, an innovator and global leader in the touch screen industry, is expanding its plug-and-play module offerings with the Multi-Touch Analog Resistive (MARS) Touch Screen Module. The 10.4" MARS Module supports 10-finger touch and is easily modifiable, transforming from a virtual keyboard or touch screen piano to an interactive learning tool based on customer specifications.

A fresh solution using resistive touch technology, the single piece MARS design is equipped with a general purpose controller and a touch screen mounted on an LCD allowing for plug-and-play applications. Featuring superior drift-free performance, outstanding optical clarity and a fast and accurate response time, the MARS module allows for True Touch Gesture and palm rejection while working with bare or gloved finger and any pointing device.

"The MARS Module is an excellent and inexpensive tool for engineers to explore the resistive 10-finger touch technology and see how easily it integrates into their system," explains Kelvin Tran, senior vice president of Engineering at Touch International. "Since resistive touch technology is used in a variety of applications due to its proven durability and relatively low cost, their current applications can easily be upgraded with this cutting-edge, multi-touch technology."

This hassle free module allows for quick system integration and its firmware can be easily modified based on the users' needs. To demonstrate its application flexibility, the MARS Model comes equipped with eight different demonstration modes including Gesture, Multi-Line, Multi-Button, Palm Rejection and Ten Key.