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Illumination & Displays

LED illuminated video wall displays


Planar Systems, Inc. announced its Clarity™ LED Series rear projection video wall displays, ideal for government, military, energy, utilities, traffic and broadcast control room video walls that require 24/7 reliability and brilliant life-like images. Combining Planar's exclusive Clarity NaturalColor™ for a superior visual performance and maintenance-free solid state illumination, with up to eight times the life of traditional lamps, the new Clarity LED Series supports the Company's strategy to deliver innovative display solutions for mission-critical environments.

The Clarity LED Series includes the 70-inch c70HD-LED (1920X1080 resolution), Clarity RP-LED (SXGA+ resolution) and Clarity RX-LED (XGA resolution) rear-projection displays (available in 50" and 67"). All displays within the Clarity LED Series utilize the latest DLP® technology and are available with Open or Indisys™ image processing electronics options.

The Clarity LED Series produces a wide color gamut well beyond that of traditional lamp-based systems to deliver color saturation levels never before seen on high-resolution video walls. Leveraging advanced color management techniques and over 20 years of experience designing and installing different video wall applications, Planar developed Clarity NaturalColor™, which uses a proprietary color space that intelligently maps a broader color palette to content, producing life-like colors. Other LED display products can produce images that are oversaturated and distracting. Clarity NaturalColor Optimizations are preset and customizable color spaces optimized for a range of video wall applications. NaturalColor Optimizations harness the power of LED illumination to produce a superior visual experience tailored for applications like SCADA, Security/Surveillance, Simulation, Broadcast and Collaborative Control Room.