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Lasers & Sources

Industrial laser optimized for LED scribing


Spectra-Physics®, a Newport Corporation Brand, announces a new addition to its Tristar™ family of Q-switched diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) industrial lasers. The high-repetition-rate Tristar 355-2 is ideal for high throughput LED scribing and provides over 2 W of 355 nm output at 90 kHz and a short pulse width of less than 25 ns.

The new rugged Tristar laser is designed and tested for high reliability and extended life. Features include a motorized third harmonic crystal shifter for stable UV power over the life of the product, a unique automatic laser purification system (ALPS) to actively clean the UV laser cavity and significantly extend laser life, and automatic data logging for cradle-to-grave product and process traceability.

According to Michael Benson, marketing product manager at Spectra-Physics, "The Tristar's higher peak power enables the removal of material using a short burst of high energy, thereby resulting in higher throughput scribing and less heat-related damage to individual LED devices."

Other key applications for the Tristar include rapid prototyping, marking, and stereolithography. The Tristar 355-2 delivers both a low cost per watt, and low cost of operation over the life of the laser.