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Optoelectronics & Communications

Pulse amplifier fiber

NKT Photonics

NKT Photonics A/S has introduced a new version of its CRYSTAL FIBRE series double clad fiber. The DC-150-30-PM-Yb fiber is made with CRYSTAL FIBRE patented airclad technology and features low photodarkening. The polarization maintaining Ytterbium fiber is typically used in fiber amplifier configurations for pulsed laser amplification.

For high performance fiber amplification, the CRYSTAL FIBRE DC-200-40-PZ-Yb fiber is widely recognized as the fiber of choice as the largest core size coilable fiber that is single mode. For applications - typically industrial - where physical size limits the maximum coiling diameter, the new DC-150-30-PM-Yb fiber will be attractive.

The DC-150-30-PM-Yb fiber features a 22 micron mode field diameter Ytterbium core, which is polarization maintain with a polarization extinction ratio better than 15 dB. The 150 micron pump core diameter accepts pump light at numerical aperture values up to 0.6 for pumping at 915 or 976 nm. Pump absorption is 10 dB/m for 976 nm pumping.

The DC-150-30-PM-Yb fiber is designed for OEM use for industrial customers manufacturing fiber amplifiers. It is available as bare fiber, end-sealed and cleaved fiber or connectorized fiber.

The CRYSTAL FIBRE double clad fiber series includes the DC-70-11-PM-Yb, DC-105-11-PM-Yb, DC-135-15-PM-Yb, DC-150-30-PM-Yb, DC-200-40-PZ-Yb-01, DC-200-70-PM-Yb-ROD, DC-200-85-Yb-ROD, and DC-285-100-PM-Yb-ROD products.