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Defense & Security

Pellegrino and Choi receive Presidential Rank Awards

SPIE Newsroom
22 January 2010

Dr. John Pellegrino, director of the Sensors and Electron Devices Directorate, and Dr. Kwong-Kit Choi, senior research scientist for physical sciences, both at the U.S. Army Research Lab, were selected to receive a 2009 Presidential Rank Award.

Both Pellegrino and Choi are actively involved with the SPIE Defense Security & Sensing Symposium.

Each year, the President recognizes and celebrates a small group of career senior executives and senior career employees with the Presidential Rank Award. Recipients of this prestigious award are strong leaders, professionals, and scientists who achieve results and consistently demonstrate strength, integrity, industry and a relentless commitment to excellence in public service. Award winners are chosen through a rigorous selection process. They are nominated by their agencies, evaluated by boards comprised of private citizens and approved by the President.

According to the selection criteria, these senior executives are outstanding leaders who consistently demonstrate strength, integrity, industry, and a relentless commitment to public service. Through their personal conduct and results-oriented leadership, they have earned and kept a high degree of public confidence and trust. They have demonstrated their success in balancing the needs and perspectives of customers, stakeholders, and employees with organizational results.

Pellegrino, selected as a Meritorious Executive, said he is appreciative and energized by his selection.

"I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with such an outstanding group of people at ARL and within the DoD community," Pellegrino said. "My enthusiasm comes from the thrill of exploring scientific frontiers and seeing that come to fruition for our Soldiers."

Pellegrino is also very proud of the continued contributions of everyone in ARL. "It's gratifying to know that the work of the Directorate and Lab is being recognized for the contributions we're all making, and I'm incredibly humbled and proud to be a part of that," he said.

Choi, selected as a Distinguished Senior Professional, said, "I am specially moved to know that I can make a small contribution to our country."