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Lasers & Sources

LWIR lens assembly, molded lenses


LightPath Technologies is pleased to introduce an f/1.0, 10.6 mm focal length Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) lens assembly designed for uncooled infrared sensors. LightPath Technologies is also introducing a new aspheric molded lens for collimating light from MWIR and LWIR lasers, such as quantum cascade lasers (QCL).

Both lens types integrate LightPath's Black DiamondTM chalcogenide glass.

The LWIR lenses are designed as the primary optics for thermal imagers in a wide variety of applications including homeland security, firefighting, predictive maintenance and driver's vision enhancement systems in automobiles.

The aspheric molded lenses have a high numerical aperture designed for maximum light collection from quantum cascade lasers. The molded glass aspheric design enables optical designers to take advantage of aspheric performance in the MWIR without having to design and build expensive custom diamond turned Germanium or Zinc Selenide lenses. The Anti-Reflective coatings are available for the SWIR (1.8mm - 3 mm ), MWIR (3 mm - 5 mm) and the LWIR (7 mm - 12 mm).