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Optical Design & Engineering

Lens characterization tool


PHASICS, which manufactures high-resolution wave front sensors and associated devices and software for laser characterization and optical metrology, has introduced KaleoMatic, a new solution for automated and precise optics characterization.

KaleoMatic is a cost-effective tool for fast and accurate lens characterization. Within a few seconds, most of the optics parameters (including focal length, MTF, aberrations, surface quality, and radius of curvature) are automatically determined. Benefiting from PHASICS' wave front sensors and metrology techniques, automatic measurements are highly reproducible and accurate. KaleoMatic addresses the needs in research and development laboratories as well as in any production line. Whether testing manufactured optics or outside-supplier optics, no optical laboratory is required to check the component's quality-all is achieved on-premises with the KaleoMatic.

Within seconds, a go/no-go conformity report of the lenses is prepared. In addition, the reason for a no-go measurement is provided: aspherisation error, multiple element misalignment, defective mold, etc. For optical metrology, the KaleoMatic system simultaneously measures aberrations, focal length, MTF of spherical and aspherical optics, surface quality, and radius of curvature. Its innovative technology allows characterization of highly opened optics (up to f/1.6) without any relay lens. Kaleo is particularly adapted to industry needs and allows a complete diagnostic of lens quality.