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Lasers & Sources

DPSS alternative for He-Cd lasers


KLASTECH-Karpushko Laser Technologies GmbH, has launched its revolutionary new 442nm laser.

Targeting the He-Cd gas laser market, this new compact DPSS laser provides continuous wave (CW) output at 442nm. Christened the CONCERTO, this laser utilises the company's next generation technology which provides for significant second harmonic conversion efficiency improvements over traditional DPSS laser architectures. It is this award winning platform that has enabled KLASTECH to develop this laser where other solid state laser architectures have so far failed.

The new laser is dramatically smaller than the traditional He-Cd (<200mm long compared to 700mm for a similar powered gas laser). The solid state design also leads to a significant reduction in thermal and mechanical issues which naturally results in a much more stable laser platform that boasts <10µrad /°C beam pointing stability and of course users no longer have to provide for periodic re-melting as its power remains stable until end of life: projected to be in excess of 10K hours.

In common with all other KLASTECH lasers the CONCERTO exhibits silent running (<0.5% rms noise), provides diffraction limited output beams with M2 better than 1.05, achieves long term power stability of <2%. The underlying laser technology inherently produces Pitch Perfect single frequency performance and with a line width less than 1MHz delivers a coherence length in excess of 100m.

Applications include holography, stereo lithography, spectroscopy, CD mastering and diffraction grating fabrication.