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Illumination & Displays

PWM and single pulse LED characterization now standard

Orb Optronix

Orb Optronix has announced that it will now offer Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and Single Pulse LED Characterization through its LED Test and Measurement Lab as standard testing services.

Customers utilizing Orb's ETF (Electrical-Thermal-Optical) LED measurement services, also known as ETO test services, may now include PWM electrical input variables and Single Pulse LED Characterization in their test plan.

Pulse Width Modulation is a common method of varying the amount of power delivered to an LED. By varying the duty cycle, or on-time, the LED output can be controlled. For general illumination or display applications, the pulses occur much faster than the eye will notice (100 Hz or faster). Orb Optronix PWM testing regimen allows sweeping of any one of duty cycle (pulse duration), pulse frequency, or LED drive current in conjunction with temperature to produce the parametric data sets necessary to optimize LED performance in a PWM controlled system.

Single Pulse LED Characterization allows a customer to gather comparative data by testing a device using single pulse NIST traceable measurements. The resulting measurements provide data for comparison of specific lots of LEDs to the specifications provided by LED manufacturers in their datasheets. These tests can also be used to generate comprehensive LED datasheets for manufacturers from an independent test lab.