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Lasers & Sources

Leaders at Photonics21 meeting map new research agenda

SPIE Newsroom
15 January 2010

Photonics21-Second Stretegic Research Agenda in Photonics

The handover of the Second Strategic Research Agenda in Photonics, "Lighting the way ahead" by Photonics 21 President, Martin Goetzeler (left), CEO of Osram to Rudolf Strohmeier, Head of Cabinet, Information Society and Media, European Commission. At right is Thomas Geelhaar, Chief Technology officer, Chemicals, at Merck.

A new strategic research agenda was presented by Photonics21 President Martin Goetzeler, CEO of Osram, to Rudolf Strohmeier, Head of Cabinet, Information Society and Media, European Commission, at the Photonics21 annual meeting held in Brussels, Belgium, January 14 and 15.

The Second Strategic Research Agenda in Photonics, titled "Light the Way Ahead," provides a detailed overview of all economic fields in Europe utilizing photonics, and identifies research priorities and important economic objectives.

Goetzeler reminded the 300-plus European Union photonics leaders at the meeting that the field is one of only five key enabling technologies being highlighted by the EU.

Thomas Geelhaar, CTO for Chemistry, Merck presented Strohmeier with the Strategic Research Agenda for the Organic and Large-Area Electronics Working Group. The group recently merged with Photonics21 Working Group 4, previously named Lighting and Displays, and the new group will be renamed.

Detlef Eckert, Director, European Commission, spoke on "The European Digital Agenda and Photonics." The title of his talk reflected an upcoming name change for the Directorate of the European Commission, which has operated under the name "Information Society and Media." The Directorate will be renamed "Digital Agenda," and a new Commissioner will be named soon as well. Designee Neelie Kroes, formerly Commissioner for Competitiveness, and other designees for EU Commissioner posts have been participating in appointment hearings recently.

Eugene Arthurs, SPIE CEO, spoke on Green Photonics: U.S. Perspectives and Investments, and Robert Corriveau, President and CEO, Canadian Institute for Photonic Innovations, spoke on Photonics in Canada: The National Innovation Strategy.

SPIE Past President Malgorzata Kujawinska, Warsaw Univ. of Technology, is a Vice President of Photonics21 and sits on the Executive Board of the organization's Board of Stakeholders. She attended the meeting along with SPIE Immediate Past President María Yzuel, Univ. de Barcelona; SPIE Senior Director for Global Business Development Andrew Brown; and SPIE Europe Manager Karin Burger. Yzuel and Burger are contributors to Working Group 7, on Research, Education, and Training, and Arthurs serves on the Board of Stakeholders. SPIE was a sponsor of the Photonics21 annual meeting.

Starting with 250 members in 2005, Photonics21 has grown to encompass more than 1200 members in 49 countries. Almost half of the members are photonics companies, the majority of which are SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), and the rest are research centers and associations.

The project is organized into seven groups covering information and communication, industrial manufacturing, life sciences and health, lighting and displays, sensors and measurement, optical components and systems, and research, education and training.

Maria Yzuel and Thomas Skordas at Photonics21.

SPIE Immediate Past President Maria Yzuel and Thomas Skordas of the European Commission.