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Electronic Imaging & Signal Processing

N-CAS DSS series shutters now standard


Vincent Associates, the manufacturers of UNIBLITZ® shutters, announces three DSS Shutter Series products will be released as Standard products in January. These include the DSS10 (10mm aperture), the DSS20 (25mm aperture) and the DSS25 (25mm aperture).

The DSS series is the latest technology available from UNIBLITZ. These patent pending devices have eliminated the external protruding actuator and contain no other interfering components. All drive and damping related components related to the mechanical motion of the shutter are contained or integrated within. The device can also be scaled for alternate aperture sizes to further tailor the device for the most demanding customer applications.

The reliability of this device has been enhanced by containing only two unique moving parts (the drive ring and the blades). This in conjunction with their bi-stable operation (and when driving the shutter with the new ED12DSS +12VDC driver) has provided the most reliable device of its kind available.

These devices will be available through our on-line ordering system as well as in an evaluation kit which will include, choice of shutter, evaluation driver, interconnect cables and documentation. Everything you need to evaluate this type of device for your application.