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Sensing & Measurement

TIP funding awards cover infrastructure projects

SPIE Newsroom
16 December 2009

The Technology Innovation Program of the National Institute for Standards and Technology announced on 15 December that 20 projects have been awarded, representing up to a potential of $146 million in new high-risk, high-reward research, $71 million of it to be funded by TIP.

Awarded projects from the FY 2009 competition demonstrate TIP's commitment to multidisciplinary approaches and to encouraging broad teaming arrangements. Thirty-eight research participants are involved in the 20 projects, with 11 single applicants and nine joint ventures. Sixteen of those 38 participants are universities with four joint ventures led by universities. TIP offers a unique opportunity for funding university-industry cutting-edge research.

Projects address critical national needs in Manufacturing and Civil Infrastructure. The scope of these two areas that were the subject of this second TIP solicitation can be found in the March, 2009, TIP white papers, "Accelerating the Incorporation of Materials Advances into Manufacturing Processes" and "Advanced Sensing Technologies and Advanced Repair Materials for the Infrastructure: Water Systems, Dams, Levees, Bridges, Roads, and Highways."

For a summary of the TIP 2009 Competition in Manufacturing and Civil Infrastructure, see the TIP At-A-Glance Fact Sheet (PDF). For details on all TIP Funded Projects, see the Funded Projects page.