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Defense & Security

Nufern to supply optical fibers for modernization of Trident missile guidance system

SPIE Newsroom 
8 December 2009

Nufern, a Corporate Member of SPIE, has been selected as the lead optical fiber supplier supporting the modernization and life extension of the U.S. Navy's Trident missile guidance system. In a ceremony held at Nufern's East Granby, Connecticut facility on December 4, representatives of the U.S. Navy, Honeywell and the Charles Stark Draper Labs, recognized Nufern as the lead optical fiber supplier for the critical guidance system of the Navy's Trident D5LE program.

Nufern has worked with the prime contractors for the modernization of the Trident guidance system, Honeywell and Draper Labs, to develop cost-effective and high-performance optical fibers for the fiber optic gyroscopes and numerous associated fibers used in other components of the inertial measurement unit and overall guidance system. During the ceremony, Martin Seifert, Nufern President, stated: "We thank the Navy, Honeywell and Draper Labs for their continued confidence in Nufern's ability to manufacture these critical radiation-hardened gyro fibers and the other fibers making up the system. The entire Nufern team is pleased to be able to expand its fiber shift operations here in East Granby to meet the volume demands of this critical program."

On behalf of the U.S. Navy Strategic Systems Programs office and its prime contractors, Don Benzing, Section Head, Guidance Production and Repair, presented Nufern with the Trident program flag and welcomed Nufern as a key supplier supporting the Trident D5LE program.

Nufern's fiber deliveries under the program will grow dramatically in early 2010 and will continue into 2013. Nufern, based in East Granby, CT, manufactures fiber laser and amplifier modules and specialty optical fibers serving industrial, military/aerospace, medical and telecom applications.