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Lasers & Sources

Laser shutters on display at Photonics West

nmLaser Products

nmLaser Products, Inc. announces its new FlexSorb™ line of high performance laser shutters incorporating an innovative non-contact electromagnetic design and superior thermal dissipation. The new FlexSorb laser shutters will be on display at Photonics West in January 2010.

The new FlexSorb family of shutters features a high damage threshold, quick switching speed, small size and quiet operation. The only moving part is a low-mass, flexible, ferromagnetic cantilever membrane that is moved in and out of the beam by non-contact electromagnetic techniques, greatly reducing opening and closing shock, vibration and wear.

nmLaser engineers developed the FlexSorb shutter line with its non-contact flexure designed to close at a position slightly away from the pole, essentially floating in air to eliminate any potential vibration or bounce caused by impact deceleration of even the low-mass flexure.

These flexures are unaffected by foreign particles clinging to the magnetic pole and offer much longer lifetimes. Wear particulate accumulation is extremely low, with off-the-shelf models rated for clean room use. All units are immersion cleaning compatible and can be provided for clean room type applications.

Slightly overdamped controllers eliminate system ring, ensuring efficient energy transfer to the magnet. The heat from the efficient magnetic design is merged with the laser optical absorption heat, and is dissipated using thermal conduction to a common, convenient mounting surface, achieving superior thermal dissipation. The built in beam dump absorbs high CW power levels with excellent damage resistance from high fluence pulsed lasers.