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Solar & Alternative Energy

Photovoltaic Bag


A company called Sunnybag from Austria has launched their brand new photovoltaic bags.

Sunnybag produces a unique line of exclusive shoulder bags with integrated solar panels to charge portable electronic devices such as cell phones, MP3 players, and PDAs. With this line of shoulderbags, Sunnybag creatively confronts the important issue of our dependence on non-renewable energy resources, offering consumers a sustainable alternative.

By integrating flexible solar technology with an output of 3 watt power, Sunnybag's goal is to create a pv-product that really works -- every day, in all weather, everywhere. Therefore Sunnybag developed a solar bag that even can charge a mobile device on cloudy days.

"Our solarbags are more than a fashion statement, they are a personal statement about a commitment to sustainability, sensibility, and responsibility." said Ing. Stefan Ponsold, project leader of R&D at Sunnybag.

Each bag has a solar panel attached to an internal LI-Ion battery pack that charges your iPod, iPhone or cell phone as you walk or simply have your bag laying in a ray of light indoors or in your car.

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