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Panel issues full report on NASA priorities

23 October 2009

A special independent panel is encouraging the White House to reconsider plans for having NASA send astronauts back for another walk on the moon.

On 23 October, the panel's chairman stated that NASA has picked the wrong destination with the wrong rocket. Ares, the test-flight version of the new rocket, was launched days later from Cape Canaveral. The panel members said NASA should start focusing on larger rockets, The Associated Press reported.

Chairman Norman Augustine, of the panel put together by the White House to review NASA's spaceflight plans, said it would be more logical to land on an asteroid nearby or on one of Mars' moons. He claims that the trip to one of these destinations could take place sooner than going back to the moon in 15 years as NASA currently has tentatively planned.

Full report from NASA: Review of Human Space Flight Plans Committee

Full story from RedOrbit

SPIE Interview with Norman Augustine: Call an Engineer -- Norman Augustine talks about reinvigorating science and engineering