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Illumination & Displays

LED measurement and characterization systems

Orb Optronix

Orb Optronix is proud to announce its new family of advanced LED characterization systems. The ETF™ family of LED Characterization Systems, also known as ETO, is capable of measuring the complete electrical, thermal and optical characteristics of LEDs.

ETO LED Characterization Systems assist product development engineers by solving the problem of efficiently measuring the quantity and color of light from LEDs over a range of temperatures and electrical input power variables. ETO LED characterization systems have both automated data acquisition and mature data analysis features. ETO systems allow engineers to automatically sequence measurements of light output and spectrum over a wide range of temperatures and currents, and comprehensive data analysis features allow users to quickly and easily view different groupings of data in over 300 graphs.

Information of how LED performance varies from LED to LED is pivotal to designing robust LED illumination systems. Therefore, testing of multiple LED samples is critical to understanding and characterizing performance variability as a function of thermal conditions and electrical power inputs. ETO systems solve these problems by enabling the measurement of necessary parametric performance metrics on statistically relevant LED sample sizes easily and automatically.