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Biomedical Optics & Medical Imaging

Diode laser for veterinary surgery and treatments

CAO Group, Inc.

The CAO Group, Inc., the world's top diode laser company, has unveiled the Pilot™ Diode Laser, an innovative surgical and therapeutic instrument that represents a breakthrough for veterinary surgical and therapeutic treatments.

Now available, the 9W Pilot™ Diode Laser gives veterinarians a versatile tool that provides benefits for patients, owners and clinics. The Pilot's™ dual modes and variable settings allow finite control over the amount of energy applied, making it ideal for the veterinarians' diverse range of patients and daily surgical and therapeutic procedures. An affordable addition to every veterinary practice, the Pilot™ places the newest in technological innovation in the hands of veterinarians.

"The Pilot laser provides a superior and much less invasive range of therapies, compared to many conventional methods," said Peter G. Slusser, DVM, DACVIM.

On its lowest settings, the Pilot™ is gentle enough to use for bio-stimulation, hemostasis, decontamination, otitis externa and periodontal treatments. At the highest settings, the Pilot™ is a superior surgical instrument that handles similarly to a scalpel. The Pilot™ incision is precise and blood-free, exhibiting virtually no thermal damage or inflammatory response commonly associated with scalpels, electrosurgical and CO2 systems. As a consequence, the Pilot's beam also produces incisions which exhibit dramatically reduced healing times with greatly improved tissue integrity.

The flexibility of the fiber delivery method provides for adaptable positioning, making the Pilot™ uniquely compatible with scope-assisted procedures as well.