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Solar & Alternative Energy

CSP market heats up

Financial Times
13 October 2009

The Financial Times' Fiona Harvey says the hot new area in the solar energy market is concentrated solar power, also known as concentrated solar thermal power.

As evidence of the increasingly bright future for CSP, the Indian state of Gujarat recently announced what it said would be the world's biggest solar plant, with a generating capacity of 3GW, costing about $10bn.

Another proposal is Desertec, a consortium of more than a dozen European companies hoping to erect a vast array of CSP plants in the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East, with a view to transporting the power produced to Europe. If successful, that could provide as much as 15% of Europe's electricity needs.

Also, Ausra, a maker of specialized solar thermal boilers with plants in Australia and a proposed solar thermal plant in California, recently announced it had secured $25.5m in equity funding from venture capitalists.

"Bright future for sun and sea power" in the Financial Times