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Lasers & Sources

Semiconductor laser system


TeraXion Inc. announced the release of the PureSpectrumTM Multi-Channel Narrow Linewidth (PS-MNL) Semiconductor Laser System. This new system has been developed for fiber optic multi-channel optical sensor applications, where robustness, reliability, and performance are key requirements.

The PS-MNL semiconductor laser system features 10 laser modules in a compact 2U chassis, where each module provides the equivalent performance of a PureSpectrumTM Narrow Linewidth Laser (PS-NLL). The semiconductor laser technology meets the rigorous conditions and need for long-term use found in the oil and gas industry (4 Component Ocean Bottom Seismic (4C-OBS) systems, towed seismic streamer arrays, and in-well monitoring systems) as well as the structural health monitoring and perimeter security markets.

TeraXion's patent-pending proprietary linewidth and frequency control technology enables reduction of the optical linewidth of a reliability-proven semiconductor laser down to 5 kHz, thus enabling low phase noise and long coherence length. The combination of these technologies makes this laser source, with an output power up to 80 mW, the ideal solution for fiber optic distributed sensing applications. In these systems, additional power provides the capacity to interrogate more branches with a minimum of amplification.

"TeraXion's semiconductor laser based PureSpectrumTM-MNL product competes advantageously against fiber laser sources, offering unrivalled vibration immunity and greater robustness and reliability. The product delivers a laser solution that is well suited to real-life sensing environments," said Dr. Martin Guy, Vice-President of Product Management and Technology at TeraXion.