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UK technology board solicits proposals for feasibilty study funding

SPIE Newsroom
11 September 2009

The UK Technology Strategy Board has allocated up to £1m to invest in feasibility studies lasting up to three months and each costing no more than £33,000 in total. The goal of the studies is to ensure that UK businesses are well-equipped to respond to the challenges presented by the current downturn.

One competition is centered on Technology-Inspired innovation

  • in technology areas closely aligned with the prioritised pillars of our various technology strategies (see below)
  • that contain an element of technology innovation
  • that are both led and undertaken by small and micro companies individually or in partnership, and
  • where the single company or collaborative partners spend most of the funding in-house.

The feasibility studies need to match one or more of the technology areas below and must align closely with the Technology Strategy Board's strategies in the respective areas.
These areas currently include:

Visit http://www.innovateuk.org/deliveringinnovation/forthcomingcompetitions/technologyinspiredareafeasibility.ashx for more information.

The second feasibility study competition is aimed at stimulating innovation in business models, applications, services and technologies in support of the Government's vision of a Digital Britain and has an allocation of £2m. For this competition proposals are invited:

  • that contain an element of innovation in technology or business practice closely aligned with the Technology Strategy Board's Our Strategy for Digital Britain, published in June 2009.
  • that are both led and undertaken by companies either individually or in partnership, and
  • where the lead company would expect to be an active partner in any research work and exploitation of the ideas in the study.

More information: http://www.innovateuk.org/deliveringinnovation/forthcomingcompetitions/digitalbritainfeasibilitystudies.ashx

The key dates for both competitions are as follows:
Deadline for receipt of full applications 1st October 2009 (midday)
Decision and feedback to applicants by 16th October 2009
Offer letters posted by 30th October 2009
Feasibility studies completed by 26th February 2010

For both competitions feasibility studies will last up to 3 months and will cost no more than £33,000 with the Technology Strategy Board funding 75% of the project cost.
If you have any queries on the above please send an email to info@ppektn.org