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Lasers & Sources

Wavelength-selective crystal 1/2 wave plate


Kyocera Corporation has announced that it has successfully developed the industry's first wavelength-selective crystal 1/2 wave plate which enables multi-use and simultaneous use of three wavelengths. The 1/2 wave plate -- the core component used in laser equipment -- applies the excellent optical properties of crystals.

The 1/2 wave plate is an essential component for laser devices which ensures the necessary processing accuracy (by adjusting irradiation power) and processing flexibility (by adjusting the irradiation angle) through rotation of the laser polarization plane to realize optimal microfabrication suiting the pieces to be processed. Generally, one wave plate is used for each wavelength. However, the new product is the industry's first wave plate to enable multi-use and simultaneous use of the three basic wavelengths of an yttrium-aluminum-garnet (YAG) laser with a single plate. The product is compatible with the highly versatile fundamental wavelength of the YAG laser (1,064 nm), the second harmonic (532 nm) and the third harmonic (355 nm).

The new product was successfully developed with advanced wave plate simulation technologies, optical thin film coating technologies, and high-quality synthetic crystal development and thin film processing technologies cultivated over many years.

The product helps reduce the number of components required in laser devices that use several wavelengths, making these devices more simple and compact.