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Sensing & Measurement

Laser beam analyzer for Nd:YAG and diode lasers


Ophir-Spiricon announced Beam Cube, an integrated, industrial laser beam analyzer designed for high precision welding and cutting applications. Beam Cube measures beam profile, temporal pulse shape, focal spot position, and power up to 150W. The compact, portable unit incorporates a focal spot analyzer for measuring at or near the focal spot; a power meter to measure beam power; and a fast photodiode detector to measure the temporal pulse shape of the beam.

Beam Cube is designed for low and medium power pulsed industrial Nd:YAG and diode lasers. It can be used for pulsed or cw and vertical or horizontal beams. Unlike other devices, it's an integrated unit; there is no need to add beam modifying beam splitters, attenuators, or other components. The system measures power levels up to 150W and focal spot sizes as small as 5µm.

Beam Cube measures average power, spatial beam profile, and temporal beam profile. The real-time intensity profile allows adjustment of the laser resonator and beam delivery optical system for optimum beam quality. Profiles can be viewed in 2D or 3D; the 3D form can be rotated to different angles and elevations. Temporal pulse shape can be measured and displayed alone or together with the beam profile on a PC, or can be output to an oscilloscope. Laser power can be measured to an accuracy of ±3 percent. All data can be digitally recorded and stored for later use.