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SPIE Publications on Sale

20% off all printed SPIE Books - Field Guides, Tutorial Texts, Press Monographs, Milestones 

Sale ends 22 December.

  • Monographs and Handbooks
    Authoritative professional reference books, textbooks, and handbooks covering theory, state-of-the-art applications, and outlooks on topics of special interest to scientists and engineers.

  • Tutorial Texts
    Stand-alone tutorials covering fundamental topics in optical science and technology - at introductory and intermediate levels.

  • Field Guides
    Small reference books that include the key definitions, equations, illustrations, application examples, design considerations, methods, and tips that you need in the lab and in the field.

  • Milestones
    Collections of seminal papers that have defined their fields, from Newton's first reflections on optics to modern breakthroughs in nanotechnology.

Browse titles and read details for each 

Sale applies to books currently in stock and only while supplies last. No other discounts apply; discount cannot be applied to previous purchase. Prices shown on the web are sale prices. Sale ends 22 December.

If you have questions, please contact Customer Service at help@spie.org or call +1 360 676 3290.

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