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SPIE Press eBooks

View the list of SPIE titles available in eBook formats

View the list of all SPIE books available as eBooks
Each book is linked directly to the detail page on SPIE.org where you can choose from the applicable eBook formats.

  • 15% less than list price of the printed version
    (Members receive an additional 15% off)
  • Compatible with mobile devices
    (Kindle, iOS, Android, NOOK)
  • No Digital Rights Management
    Print and transfer to any of your devices

eBooks for Institutions

Ask your librarian to obtain the SPIE eBooks collection if your institution does not subscribe already.

SPIE Digital Library eBooks brings 191 valuable SPIE Press titles - monographs and reference works, field guides, and tutorial texts - to researchers' desktops on the same user-friendly SPIE Digital Library platform as SPIE Proceedings and SPIE Journals. At least 15 new titles and editions will be added to this collection each year. MARC records are made available free of charge.

Every research and teaching institution that has a significant involvement in optics and photonics technologies should provide SPIE eBooks to its community. Organizations may acquire SPIE eBooks in any month in subscription and purchase options. Almost all academic institutions are priced as single sites.

New Titles Update
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Thousands of people from academia, industry, and national labs publish their work with SPIE every year. Get the recognition you deserve.

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