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Optoelectronics & Communications

Portable and configurable splicing workstation

AMS Technologies

Vytran's PSX-3000, available from AMS Technologies, is a portable fiber splicing workstation designed for the needs in the manufacture of fiber lasers. It produces high-strength, low loss splices over a wide range of fibers. Ideal for field splicing or volume production, this compact system can be set up as a simple splicer or as an integrated system with any combination of cleave, clean, splice and recoat capabilities.

PSX-3000 uses Graphite Filament Fusion technology to ensure precise control of the thermal process and ultra clean splices for minimal heating under high-power applications. A Windows-based laptop PC interface provides complete process configuration and control, as well as an integral database for recording all splicing data.

PSX-3000 is applicable for low loss splicing of standard and large mode area (LMA) double-clad fibers ranging from 80- to 500-micron in diameter. Core Imaging™ and Active Alignment allows for precise core alignment and splice loss determination.