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Sensing & Measurement

high-precision quartz-based pressure sensor

Epson Toyocom

Epson Toyocom Corporation's U.S.-based Timing Products Division recently announced the development of a new series of high-precision quartz pressure sensors. The sensors in the new XP-7000 series feature an architecture that allows fluid pressure to be directly transmitted to a pressure-sensing element.

Most pressure sensors used for high-precision measurements contain a pressure-transmitting medium such as oil. The XP-7000 series, however, uses a frequency-stable QMEMS(*1) tuning-fork crystal unit(*2) as a pressure-sensing element and Epson Toyocom's unique pressure-transmitting architecture to directly read pressure to an accuracy of ±0.05% FS.

In direct response to today's environmental concerns, Epson Toyocom designed the sensors in the XP-7000 series as eco-considerate products that do not release oil or gas. In addition, the unique architecture employed by Epson Toyocom enable the company to reduce the cubic volume of the new sensors by more than 40% compared to their predecessors.

Leveraging these characteristics, the new sensors are ideally suited to applications such as precisely and accurately measuring the water level of rivers and sewers, fluid pressure levels in environments with stringent cleanliness requirements, and pressures in industrial plant equipment.

The two models in the XP-7000 series are the XP-7000MB and the XP-7001MB. The XP-7000MB is equipped with a buffer circuit to maintain output levels even with long cables. The XP-7001MB supports low current.

Main Features

  1. Pressure reading accuracy of ±0.05 %FS
  2. Clean environmental performance, with no release of oil or gas
  3. Small size (22 mm diameter x 40 mm length; 43% smaller than predecessors)