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Sensing & Measurement

Nano vibration analyzer

Piezosystem Jena

SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH manufactures laserinterferometric and other types of precision instrumentation for measuring lengths, angles, vibratory motions and derived quantities like weights, forces, and pressures. One of their newly released products is the Nano Vibration Analyzer; a fiber-coupled laser interferometric vibrometer integrated in a precision technical microscope. It is perfectly suited for measuring dynamic properties and static displacements of microstructures, MEMS, and cantilevers.

The flexible sample positioning in a wide range of 50mm x 50mm is achieved through the specific microscope setup. The vibrating object can be watched on PC by means of a USB camera. Different objectives with magnifications of 10x and 50x are changeable. DC deflection measurements as well as spectral analysis up to a frequency of 2MHz are possible. Amplitudes can be measured with sub-nanometer resolution.

Operation and display of results employs a PC running specialized data analysis of vibrations, the triggered data acquisition, and script-controlled scanning of surface structures.

Applications for the Nano Vibrometer are non-contacting vibration measurements on cantilevers, micro objects and MEMS. It is also well suited for determining the vibrational spectrum, shapes (planar vibrations), and resonant frequencies.