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Sensing & Measurement

Compact 3-axis nanopositioner

Piezosystem Jena

Piezosystem Jena was the first to develop an XYZ piezo electric based nanopositioner. Now, Piezosystem Jena has enhanced its successful TRITOR Series of nanopositioners with the TRITOR 340 CAP. This element has a central aperture of 150x150 mm and offers an open loop motion of 390µm and a closed loop motion of 280 µm.

Due to the ferroelectric nature of piezo ceramics, specific material properties like creep and hysteresis are an issue. These natural properties can be compensated for with the use of capacitive sensors in combination with closed loop electronics from piezosystem jena. Using capacitive sensors, this system offers the highest performance of position stability, linearity, repeatability, and accuracy.

The TRITOR 340 Cap is well suited for high load applications as a result of the special mechanical frame design. Loads up to 15 kg can now be managed easily. A vacuum as well as a non-magnetic version is available per request.

With all these specifications the TRITOR 340 CAP is the best choice for nanopositioning and microscanning applications that require sub-nanometer accuracy, a large aperture, and the ability to perform under high loads.