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Illumination & Displays

Kodak awarded $1.7 million DOE contract

Eastman Kodak Company has been awarded a $1.7 million two-year contract by the United States Department of Energy (DOE) to develop key technologies and processes for OLED lighting panels.

During the product development phase of the Solid State Lighting project, Kodak will develop an OLED luminaire that meets Energy Star color and efficacy specifications and will address key areas of manufacturing processes to reduce cost.

Earlier this year, the DOE presented Kodak with an award for Kodak's advances in OLED technology for solid state lighting applications. Kodak said in a statement that they are committed to providing OLEDs that meet DOE Energy Star color and efficacy specifications, which must be satisfied in order to sell into the U.S. lighting market with the Energy Star Certificate. Kodak said it has focused on both all-fluorescent and hybrid emitter systems, which offer longer lifetimes than all-phosphorescent emitter systems.

"In our work for the U.S. Department of Energy, the Kodak development team recently built several devices that exceed the performance and energy consumption targets laid out under the DOE Energy Star Program," said Dr. James Buntaine, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President, Kodak OLED Systems. "OLED solid state lighting has tremendous potential to transform the future of the lighting industry - enabling future lighting systems that are significantly lower-cost and more energy-efficient. Kodak is committed to continued innovation and collaboration in this very promising area."