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Illumination & Displays

Linear constant current regulators for LEDs

ON Semiconductor

ON Semiconductor recently debuted a new series of two-terminal linear constant current regulators ideal for driving current in automotive, industrial signage and architectural LED lighting applications. The new constant current regulators operate over a wide range of input voltages, and provide engineers a simple and cost-effective solution for regulating current in their applications without compromising performance.

"The new constant current regulator solution does not require any external components, reduces inventory cost, and offers our customers an extremely simple, economical and yet robust device to easily incorporate in their lighting designs," said Dan Huettl, director and general manager for ON Semiconductor's Small Signal Division.

The new series of constant current regulators is based on patent-pending self-biased transistor technology, and is targeted for a broad range of LED applications with varying input voltage. By regulating the voltage over the wide range, the devices ensure constant brightness over the operating voltage range. The series is designed with a negative temperature coefficient to protect LEDs from thermal runaway at extreme voltage and operating temperatures.

The NSI45 series of constant current regulators are offered in 20 milliamp (mA), 25 mA and 30 mA device options available in a SOD-123 package and in a SOT-223 package. These devices are available in plus/minus (±)10 percent and (±)15 percent steady state regulated current (Ireg) tolerance. The series is rated at 45 volts (V) with operating temperature range of -40 oC to 85 oC and maximum junction temperature of 150 oC.