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Lasers & Sources

Powerful pump laser for undersea optical networks


JDSU just announced availability of the 450mW 5100 Series pump laser, the highest 980nm power available to the undersea optical networking industry today. The 5100 Series will power undersea optical amplifiers that are needed to transmit fiber optic signals along cables that span thousands of kilometers along the ocean floor, acting as critical trans-continental links for broadband communications. The new pump helps network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) and service providers design higher bandwidth undersea networks that can support more wavelengths or higher data rates.

The 5100 Series extends JDSU's historical leadership in the 980nm pump laser space by leveraging its well-established terrestrial pump laser package for undersea deployment. The JDSU terrestrial pump laser platform has achieved 12 billion field hours with a failure in time (FIT) rate of only 2.2, the lowest reported failure rate in the industry.

The 5100 Series also broadens JDSU's existing portfolio of undersea isolators and PIN detectors manufactured in Shenzhen, China. All three fiber optic components share a common undersea manufacturing infrastructure with a very low fixed cost. Each component is based on a proven terrestrial design that is also manufactured in high volumes on site, providing a stable supply chain that helps JDSU lower material costs and maintain short lead times for its customers.