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Electronic Imaging & Signal Processing

World’s fastest high-speed camera

Photron, Inc., a global leader and Emmy-award- winning high speed imaging systems manufacturer, introduces the newest member of Photron's breakthrough, high speed technology, the Fastcam SA5.

With an unprecedented 7,500 frames per second at mega pixel resolution (1,024 x 1,000) Photron's new CMOS sensor delivers reduced resolution at a speed of over 1 million frames per second. It features a 12-bit monochrome, 36-bit RGB color sensor with 20 micron square pixels, for superior dynamic range and color fidelity.

Other cameras produced by Photron include the Fastcam SA1, the high speed imager used to capture the remarkable slow motion footage on Discovery Channel's Time Warp TV Show (e.g. see popcorn popping at 10,000 fps and a water balloon bursting at 20,000 fps). The SA1 was also used during the Beijing Summer 2008 Olympics to capture high speed sporting events and to deliver instant, slow motion playback.

The high performance, four mega pixel high speed Fastcam SA2, provides high definition 1080p resolution up to 2000 fps. Easy to operate, the HDTV camera offers exceptional light sensitivity and can be easily integrated into new or existing systems. The 12-bit CMOS sensor, available with B4 or PL lens mounts, is ideal for slow motion replay, making it perfect for a variety of broadcast applications, such as sports and entertainment.