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Lasers & Sources

Miniature red laser at DSS

Opnext, Inc. recently made available the new 5mW, 639nm Visible Red SBA635CEL0510 miniature laser module for pointing applications suitable for industrial, defense and security applications. This new miniature laser module represents a new platform to integrate Opnext's state-of-art 3.8mm TO-38 laser diodes into a small form factor where customers can integrate the miniature laser module into their compact pointing systems. With Opnext's world renowned reputation in making low threshold current laser diodes, this miniature laser module allows applications that demand long battery lifetime.

The 3.8mm diameter by 11mm length size of Opnext's miniature laser module delivers clean elliptical beams less than 10mm in diameter at target distance of 10m with accurate bore sight accuracy. Opnext utilizes a stainless steel housing to ensure its strength and employs unique telecommunication-qualified manufacturing processes to assemble the miniature laser module. This process results in a rugged device that is capable of sustaining shock of more than 1500 times of gravity.

"Our new miniature laser module allows our defense and security customers to implement light-weight, battery-efficient, compact aiming devices that can be deployed in tough environments," said Bob Murphy, Director of Business Development North American Sales at Opnext. "Our customers benefit from the incredibly small size and durability."

Opnext is currently exhibiting at SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing, April 13 - 17, 2009, in Orlando, FL. The new miniature red laser will be on display in Opnext's booth, #535.