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Electronic Imaging & Signal Processing

Camcorder with GPS

Sony recently introduced a camcorder with a global positioning system that can add location information with recorded videos and still photos.

The Handycam HDR-TG5V features high-definition 1,920 by 1,080 video recording and 4 megapixel still shots. The lightweight device with a titanium body is small enough to be dropped into a pocket or purse.

The HDR-TG5V has a built-in GPS receiver that automatically adjusts the camcorder's clock to the proper time zone and displays the current location on the LCD map display. In addition, the receiver tags video and photos with the location, making it possible to see where the pictures were taken on the device's internal map or on the electronic maps that ship with the camcorder's PC software.

The Sony device comes with 16 GB of embedded flash memory for storage and also supports the use of a removable Memory Stick. Video and images can be copied to the stick from the embedded storage.

Other features include Sony's face-detection technology that automatically controls focus, exposure, and color to create a more natural skin tone. The camcorder also allows users to create a short movie for playback on a digital TV directly from the device. The editing software in the camcorder compiles scenes and can also insert music transitions.

Sony's product page