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Top Downloads by Technology

Updated 13 November 2014

Updated monthly, each list includes a cross-disciplinary sampling of the most frequently downloaded papers from SPIE Conference Proceedings and SPIE Journal papers. Each title is linked to the abstract page for that paper on the SPIE Digital Library Links to external site

Top Downloads for November 2014


James Webb Space Telescope: large deployable cryogenic telescope in space (Optical Engineering; 2012)

Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) (Proceedings of SPIE; 2014)

Biomedical Optics & Medical Imaging:

Optical coherence tomography today: speed, contrast, and multimodality (J. Biomedical Optics; 2014)

Optical nanoscopy of a living cell (Proceedings of SPIE; 2014)

Communications & Information Technology:

Mid-infrared integrated optics: versatile hot embossing of mid-infrared glasses for on-chip planar waveguides for molecular sensing (Optical Engineering; 2014)

Characterization of optical communication in a leader-follower unmanned underwater vehicle formation (Proceedings of SPIE; 2013)

Defense & Security: 

Target detection in synthetic aperture radar imagery: a state-of-the-art survey (J. Applied Remote Sensing; 2013)

CMOS-TDI detector technology for reconnaissance application (Proceedings of SPIE; 2014)

Electronic Imaging & Signal Processing: 

Audio extraction from silent high-speed video using an optical technique (Optical Engineering; 2014)

Multi-illuminant color constancy for HDR images through exposure segmentation (Proceedings of SPIE; 2012)


Fullerene-based Schottky-junction organic solar cells: a brief review (J. Photonics for Energy; 2014)

The photophysics of perovskite solar cells (Proceedings of SPIE; 2014)


Fundamental mechanisms of laser-induced damage in optical materials: today’s state of understanding and problems (Optical Engineering; 2014)

Near fundamental mode high-power thin-disk laser (Proceedings of SPIE; 2014)

Light Sources & Illumination:

Design of dielectric/metal/dielectric transparent electrodes for flexible electronics (J. Photonics for Energy; 2012)

Two-color emission in three-layer heterostructure OLETs (Proceedings of SPIE; 2014)

Lithography & Microelectronics: 

Holistic optimization architecture enabling sub-14-nm projection lithography (J. Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS; 2014)

Progress on EUV pellicle development (Proceedings of SPIE; 2014)


Exact and reliable overlay metrology in nanoscale semiconductor devices using an image processing method (J. Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS; 2014)

Phase retrieval for optical metrology (Proceedings of SPIE; 2014)


Properties and applications of protein-stabilized fluorescent gold nanoclusters: short review (J. Nanophotonics; 2012)

Mechanics of flexible electronics and photonics based on inorganic micro- and nanomaterials (Proceedings of SPIE; 2014)


Review of snapshot spectral imaging technologies (Optical Engineering; 2013)

Defect insensitive 100 J/cm2 multilayer mirror coating process(Proceedings of SPIE; 2013)

Remote Sensing: 

Stand-off detection of alcohol in car cabins (J. Applied Remote Sensing; 2014)

SkySat-1: very high-resolution imagery from a small satellite (Proceedings of SPIE; 2014)


Computer vision in roadway transportation systems: a survey< (J. Electronic Imaging; 2013)

Effect of laser linewidth on phase-OTDR based distributed vibration sensing regime
(Proceedings of SPIE; 2014)

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