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Illumination & Displays

Outdoor digital signage displays & systems

American Industrial Systems Inc. (AIS) has announced its release of Waterproof Outdoor Digital Signage Displays. These displays are designed to meet the demand of today's high-traffic outdoor environments and to reach an audience in the most extreme environments.

Parks today are implementing video, audio, and interactive media to express and draw in visitors . With AIS' Full IP65 Outdoor Displays, bringing vibrant digital media to outdoor environments is simple, where a standard LCD monitor would fail under the harsh conditions. Full waterproof, kiosk mounted, and custom enclosures are available to meet every application. Additional options such as transflective sunlight readability enhancements, touchscreen interactivity, and x86 system level integration are available.

By integrating digital signage, exhibit designers can enhance the overall experience and give visitors information in where they want, when they want it. Live video and commentary give audiences a more in-depth examination of a topic; inform visitors with interactive digital signage to let visitors self-guide the learning experience.

These industrial monitors are encased in a waterproof and dustproof anti-corrosive stainless steel enclosure to ensure complete all-weather protection including the rear I/O connectors. AIS utilizes specially designed IP65 / NEMA 4X weatherproof connectors and cables; the fool-proof design incorporates ABS thermoplastic covers and o-rings to completely seal the monitor from harmful particulate dust and water. Touchscreens are also available, adding human interactivity to magnify utility and effectiveness of the displays. Currently the LCD monitors are available in sizes 6.4" to 20.1".

Visit www.aispro.com/video to watch videos of the display.