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Defense & Security

Thinnest, most durable fingerprint sensor

Sonavation™, Inc., has announced the introduction of the biometrics industry's thinnest, most durable and highly accurate fingerprint sensor for the wireless and smartcard markets.

Called the SonicSlide™ STS3000, the sensor is about the thickness of a postage stamp, and is constructed from polymers similar to those used to build wings of commercial aircraft, giving it superior durability compared to fingerprint sensors available on the market today.

The SonicSlide STS3000 uses the patented SonicTouch™ technology, which is based on ultrasound comparable to that used in medical applications, resulting in significantly improved fingerprint imaging. Because it is not a semiconductor, the sensor eliminates the electrostatic discharge (ESD) issues that have hampered the incorporation of semiconductor-based sensors into notebook PCs, mobile phones and other consumer electronics. The SonicSlide STS3000 is capable of withstanding more than 10 million swipes, uses less power, enabling a set of applications that currently is not addressed within the commercial biometrics industry.

The SonicSlide STS3000 uses ultrasound principles similar to those used in medical applications, enabling it to achieve far greater accuracy of fingerprint images than available through DC or RF capacitive silicon sensors. Additionally, unlike silicon-based sensors that may be damaged through electrostatic discharge (ESD), the SonicSlide STS3000 is based on composite ceramic MEMS technology, which is not affected by ESD. It combines this Micro-Electro Machine Systems technology with advanced polymers to deliver very high resolution fingerprint images at very low cost.