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    Onsite News - Thursday 26 February 2009

    Courses, poster, conferences, panels keep week going strong

     Instructor Ralph Dammel presents a course on “Practical Photoresist Processing,” one of nearly 20 offered during the week.
    Attendees still had plenty to occupy their time on Thursday. Conferences were going strong all day, with four of the five still in session and two continuing through Friday morning. The last of nearly 20 courses were held on Thursday, along with the week’s second poster reception, a roundtable on organizing global collaboration in reference metrology, and a NIST-sponsored panel.

    Reference metrology roundtable

    The reference metrology roundtable was held under the auspices of the conference on Metrology, Inspection, and Process Control and led by Vladimir Ukraintsev of Veeco Instruments. Ukraintsev told the 70-person audience that formation of a group fostering global collaboration in the field had first been discussed at the Scanning meeting last year. He introduced several speakers who described the challenges facing the field and asserted that reference metrology is now a necessity in the industrial setting due to current needs and future requirements for true 3D, rapid response, acceptable cost, timely availability, and the need to combine and leverage multiple techniques in order to find a solution.

    Evening panel discussion

     From left, moderator Ronald Dixson introduces the panel, including participants Hidetoshi Morokuma, Ofer Adan, Travis Brist, John Sturtevant, and Vladimir Ukraintsev.
    The evening’s panel, titled “Shaping Up: Frontiers and Challenges in Contour Metrology,” was moderated by George Orji and Ronald Dixson of NIST, and featured Hidetoshi Morokuma of Hitachi, Ofer Adan of Applied Materials, Travis Brist of Synopsys, John Sturtevant of Mentor Graphics, and Vladimir Ukraintsev of Veeco Instruments. The panel discussed the status and directions of contour metrology in manufacturing metrology, in the context of the increasing importance of OPC in widening the need for feature shape measurements in the wafer plane.

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