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    Onsite News - Tuesday 24 February 2009

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    Day one of the Advanced Lithography 2009 Exhibition
    Women in Optics Professionals Connect
    Nanotechnology in Microlithography Panel

    ‘Key people’ at exhibition

    Exhibitors and visitors at the Advanced Lithography exhibition said they were pleased with who they met on the exhibition floor on the first day of the show’s two-day run on Tuesdsay.

     The 2009 Advanced Lithography Exhibition reflected the mood of the industry: forward looking and hopeful.
    “This is where we meet key people. It is the best meeting in the USA for us,” said Kenji Takahisa, Marketing Manager, US/EU Operation Division & Marketing Group, of Japan’s Gigaphoton.

    Technical attendees and exhibition visitors both say their companies and universities are sending fewer people to conferences and industry events this year. But those at Advanced Lithography — characterized by one exhibitor as “a cornerstone show” for the industry — say they are not slowing down their R&D.

    Company executives are focusing on technology roadmaps with a view toward being in the right place when the economy takes an uptick, with some predicting that will happen by Q1 2010.

    Technical attendees say presentations in the conference rooms are meeting long-held expectations for high quality and innovative research.

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    Women lithography professionals connect

     Roya Mojtahedi, JSR Micro, shares her experiences in the industry with her colleagues.
    The themes of the importance of mentoring, recognizing high-caliber work, and encouraging young teenagers in particular to explore science were repeated in stories related by engineers, researchers, students, and executives at a Women in Optics luncheon Tuesday afternoon.

    Work experiences among the group have varied widely, from a workgroup in which 50% of the engineers and scientists are women, to a company which has a disproportionately low number of women as fellows because, as one scientist was told, “women aren’t aggressive enough.”

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    Nanotechnology in Microlithography Panel Discussion:
    Is the end of CMOS near?

     Harry Levinson of AMD delivers his opinion in this lively discussion.
    When it comes to the future for nanotechnology alternatives to CMOS scaling, “we are people of imagination and creativity; the roadmap is under our control,” said panelist Harry Levinson of AMD at the Tuesday evening panel sponsored by NIST and Molecular Imprints. Also on the panel were Jack Martinez de Pinillos of NIST, Jim Hutchby of SRC, Michael Garner of Intel, Dan Herr of SRC, and William Tong of Hewlett-Packard. Chairs were Robert Silver, Christopher Soles, and Bryan Barnes of NIST.

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