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Scanning/transmission electron microscope

JEOL has unveiled its new JEM-ARM200F atomic resolution analytical microscope, a new generation of Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM), setting a new benchmark for advanced, aberration-corrected S/TEM technology with the highest resolution commercially available in its class. Through a rigorous development and design program inspired by JEOL customers, the JEOL team has produced an entirely new platform of TEM that achieves a guaranteed HAADF-STEM (high angle annular dark field) resolution of 80 picometers, or 0.08 nanometers.

With advanced analytical capabilities, the JEM-ARM200F enables both atom-by-atom imaging resolution and unmatched spatial resolution for atom-to-atom chemical mapping of materials, including EDS (energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy) and EELS (electron energy-loss spectroscopy). The completely new electron column design integrates S/TEM with Cs correction for atomic spatial energy resolution combined with high probe currents for microanalysis.

The JEM-ARM200F offers the ultimate stability for imaging and analysis at the sub-nanometer scale. The electron column is isolated from the environmental disturbances found in most labs. A superior shielding design safeguards the ultrahigh-powered optics from airflow, vibration, and acoustical interference. Additional shielding ensures protection from electronic interference, magnetic fields, and thermal fluctuations.

The latest in software automation has been designed into the new ARM200F, with tomography and holography simplified by a user-friendly GUI.