Building 10, Masur Auditorium, National Institutes of Health
    Bethesda, MD, United States
    24 - 25 September 2015
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    Onsite Services

    On this page you will find:

    Internet Availability

    • Complimentary Internet Access
      Natcher Auditorium, level P2
      Thursday and Friday 7:30 am to 5:00 pm

      There are two computers for attendee use, 20 minutes per person time limit.  This is the only access to the internet for non-NIH workshop attendees. 


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    If you are paying by cash or check as part of your onsite registration, or have questions regarding your registration please see SPIE in the registration area.

  • Receipts - Preregistered attendees who did not receive a receipt prior to the meeting may obtain a new copy of their registration receipt onsite at the registration area.

  • Badge Corrections - Attendees who need a correction to their badge information onsite may do so at the registration area. Please have your badge removed from the badge holder, marked with your changes, and ready to hand to the attendant upon approaching the counter.

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    Messages for Attendees

    For emergencies, messages for attendees of the workshop can be left by calling the Natcher Conference Center at 301-594-7302.  Registration staff will receive the message and post it at the Registration Desk.

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  • Visitor Information Center
    Located in the Natcher Conference Center (Building 45)

    NIH Visitor Information Center phone number is 301-496-1776, and fax number is 301-402-0601.  Go through the main entrance on South Drive; Building 45 is located south on Center Drive near Rockville Pike.  Entering the main lobby, the NIH Visitor Information Center is located left of the dining services area.

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    Child Care Services
    The following child care service is available in the area:

  • Family & Child Care - (202) 723-2051 (leave a message for a call-back within an hour)

    SPIE does not imply an endorsement or recommendation of this service. It is provided on an "information only" basis for your further analysis and decision. Other services may be available.

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