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Sensing & Measurement

Blue diode laser

TOPTICA Photonics AG introduces a new technology platform featuring its proprietary "Blue Mode" technology. This term stands for high power and ultra-narrow line width OEM diode lasers in the blue-violet wavelength regime.

For the first time, TOPTICA's new Blue Mode technology unites all of the well-known advantages of direct blue-violet diode lasers: high power, high coherence, and superior long-term mode stability. TOPTICA's sophisticated engineering incorporates all of these features in a compact, rugged design.

The Blue Mode technology currently starts with 50 mW @ 405 nm, with a spectral line width of less than 10 MHz (coherence length >10 m guaranteed). A power stability better than 0.6% in 10 hours has been demonstrated. Combined with an excellent long-term coherence stability (no mode hops), this renders these lasers a perfect fit for demanding applications such as interferometry, holography or high resolution RAMAN spectroscopy.

The beam diameter is approx. 1 mm and thus close to that of conventional gas lasers, making the transition to a Blue Mode laser a smooth process in existing instrumentation.

With TOPTICA's Blue Mode technology there is no need for heat exchangers or long warm-up times, there's simply highly coherent blue light at a push of a button.