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Lasers & Sources

Q-switched solid state lasers

Newport Corporation's Spectra-Physics Lasers Division introduces two new Q-switched diode-pumped solid state (DPSS) lasers with dramatically improved cost-per-watt for photovoltaic manufacturing applications. Both new models, the HIPPO™ 1064-27 and the Explorer® 532-2, deliver up to twice the average power for over 50% higher watts-per-dollar, compared to previous versions. The lasers are based on the company's rugged, industrial OEM product platforms, with time-tested and proven performance for 24/7 operation. Both new lasers deliver higher throughput and increased savings for photovoltaic manufacturing.

The HIPPO 1064-27 laser delivers over 27W of infrared average power at 100 kHz or almost 60 percent higher power. The new Explorer 532-2 delivers up to 2W of green average power or double the power within the same compact footprint. Both lasers feature short pulse width to minimize heat-affected zones, reduce kerf height and recast material. The exceptional pulse-to-pulse stability provides consistent scribe quality. The lasers also exhibit excellent beam quality for narrow scribe line widths and increased depth-of-focus, delivering greater yield efficiency for photovoltaic manufacturers. The fixed polarization of these lasers helps simplify optical system design requirements, minimizing effort and expense to the end user.

"By drastically increasing the power and reducing the cost-per-watt, these reliable, long-life lasers further the leadership position of Newport Spectra-Physics for photovoltaic structuring applications," said Tim Edwards, Senior Manager of Product Marketing for Newport Spectra-Physics Lasers Division.