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Sensing & Measurement

Wireless sensors for outdoor environmental monitoring

Onset Computer Corporation, the HOBO® data logger company, announced the HOBOnode Series, a family of research-grade, wireless sensors for outdoor environmental monitoring.

Ideal for use in a broad range of applications, including agricultural research, crop management, and ecology studies, HOBOnode sensors can transmit high-accuracy air temperature and soil moisture data to a PC several miles away without cables. Accompanying software displays real-time graphs of environmental conditions, and can provide alarm notifications via text messaging and email when conditions exceed set thresholds.

HOBOnode sensors offer a number of features to help simplify deployment. For example, their compact design (roughly the size of a small flashlight) allows for easy sensor installation in nearly any type of field location. Additionally, HOBOnodes feature integrated, solar-rechargeable batteries so they can run for years without having to replace batteries.

Depending on the number of data points required, up to 50 HOBOnode sensors can be used in a network. Sensors can be easily added to a HOBOnode network when additional data points are needed. All environmental data is transmitted directly to a HOBOnode receiver, which interfaces with a PC via a USB cable.

HOBOnode sensors have a 1400 ft. line-of-site transmission range, which can be extended to several miles with optional HOBOnode repeaters.