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Sensing & Measurement

3D laser-camera for high-precision welding

Servo-Robot introduces the 3-D Quanta laser-camera for both joint tracking and weld bead inspection.

The Quanta is a very high resolution laser-camera for high precision Butt welding applications including same material thickness. It is specially designed for welding processes such as Laser, TIG or Plasma Welding.

The Quanta laser-camera is an essential module in the Servo-Robot Modular DIGI-LAS Laser Welding System (DIGI-LAS/MDL) which includes automatic joint tracking, joint inspection and inline quality control functions. This integrated system can be mounted on robots or special purpose welding machines thanks to the Servo-Robot patented error compensation package which enables very high speed welding with no defects, despite joint imprecision and positioning error. No longer is expensive tooling required for linear or curvilinear seam welding of blanks or other metallic components.

The Quanta laser-camera also features a 2-D video viewing system with its own welding area lighting for remote monitoring of the process by the operator and for calibration purposes.