Monterey Conference Center and Monterey Marriott
Monterey, California, United States
11 - 14 September 2017
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Exhibitor Product Announcements

Product announcements will be posted as they are received.

26 August 2015: Mobile Cubic Downstream Asher

Ibss Group, Inc.

ibss Group, Inc. of Burlingame, CA, developer and producer of the GV10x Downstream Asher, has recently released the Mobile Cubic DS Asher. The MCDS Asher, a portable downstream plasma center for ex-situ specimen cleaning and in-situ e-beam chamber cleaning, employs ibss signature GV10x fitted into one convenient, wheeled S/S enclosure. The Mobile Cubic DS Asher offers effective and reliable atomic radical ashing without sputtering or heat. The Asher is controlled by the latest ibss Software installed on a Windows tablet or PC. For ex-situ sample cleaning and storage, the MCDS Asher includes a streamlined Cubic Chamber flexible enough to accommodate up to three TEM holders simultaneously. The MCDS Asher source is fitted with Qwk-SwitchTM Source mounting to facilitate Source transfer from the MCDS Asher to e-beam chambers. The Mobile Cubic DS Asher prevents high resolution image degradation from SEM and TEM chamber contamination build-up in the gas phase and on chamber surfaces. For expeditious and uncomplicated hydrocarbon free samples and e-beam chambers, the Mobile Cubic DS Asher is an indispensable, cost-effective asset with ROI that can be less than six months. Carbon removal rate in the Cubic DS Asher is repeatable: at 30W removal rate is 1.5 nm/min see Downstream Plasma Technology for Cleaning TEM Samples on Carbon Films, Microscopy-Today, January 2014. For further information, please contact ibss Group at (650) 513-1488 or email to

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7 August 2015: Merlin® - G Series 15nm Mask Repair System


RAVE has recently introduced the new Merlin - G Series 15nm Mask Repair System. The G Series is latest addition to the globally accepted Merlin mask repair product line. The Merlin-G sets a new standard of performance for 15nm mask repair and provides higher reliability, easier operation, greater stability and capability than it's earlier Merlin predecessors. The Merlin-G is the culmination of 5 years of continuous advances in hardware and automation based on customer feedback and innovative design improvements.

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17 June 2015: MeRiT® neXT - A paradigm shift in classical mask repair

Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH

The new ZEISS MeRiT neXT system enables the repair of smallest next generation defects. With its ZEISS low energy ebeam column the tool represents a paradigm shift in classical photomask repair. The ZEISS MeRiT neXT mask repair technology follows two strategies to meet the demands of tomorrow s lithography: (1) The required repair quality in terms of resolution and placement accuracy is being addressed by an updated and enhanced ebeam platform including an actively controlled mini-environment. (2) Minimum repair size as well as new and challenging mask technologies are being handled by an increased number of processes.

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