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Solar & Alternative Energy

Solar-Powered obstruction light

Carmanah Technologies Corporation has introduced a new benchmark in solar-powered obstruction lighting: the solar-powered A810 Obstruction Lighting System. Suitable for marking towers and other fixed obstructions up to 150 feet (46 meters) in height, this stand-alone lighting system installs quickly to produce a bright, steady red signal wherever it's needed. Designed for dependable performance in some of the world's harshest environments, the A810 Obstruction Lighting System offers a reliable and cost-effective alternative to hard-wired lights, in compliance with type L-810 FAA and ICAO guidelines (including FAA certification AC 150/5345-43F, and ICAO certification Annex 14, Low Intensity, Type B).

As an alternative to grid or generator-powered systems, this reliable, low-maintenance solution is powered entirely by the sun, making it ideal for remote locations or anywhere grid-based electricity is unavailable, unreliable, or just impractical to access. Even for installations where electricity is readily available, the solar-powered A810 Obstruction Lighting System offers unmatched reliability and ongoing cost savings; operating independently of the grid, the solar-powered obstruction light is unaffected by local power outages, regional blackouts, or escalating electricity fees. Long-lasting high-flux 32.5-candela LEDs provide bright dependable tower lighting for years - a key advantage in hazardous, remote or difficult to service applications - for a safer, cost-effective alternative to more maintenance-intensive forms of lighting. For towers under construction, the A810 obstruction lighting system installs quickly and easily for a fast, economical and versatile lighting solution.