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Sensing & Measurement

DITEST STA-R: fiber optic sensing system

The DITEST STA-R Series is the latest model of the fiber optic sensing system using the Brillouin-based technique pioneered by Omnisens. The DITEST STA-R is the latest and revolutionary fiber optic distributed sensing system developed by the Swiss company Omnisens. It features simultaneous and accurate temperature and strain measurements over tens of kilometers using standard single-mode optical fiber, providing thousands of monitored locations with a single fiber optic sensing cable.

This series was designed to respond to the growing demand of the industry for more and more complex structural monitoring solutions. It combines the versatility and flexibility of a Test & Measurement instrument with the requirements of long term automatic and unattended monitoring. It offers superior monitoring performance in terms of distance range (up to 50km per channel) and a robust optical budget to support the most demanding deployment conditions. Its high spatial resolution (as low as 0.5m) enables the identification and localization of small and localized temperature and strain variations. The DITEST STA-R is designed to work with Omnisens DRM Series of distance range extension modules and can therefore provide maintained strain and temperature monitoring performance over 125 km with 1 meter resolution.

The DITEST STA-R integrates innovative intelligent measurement control and auto-configuration capabilities which constantly adjust the measurement settings to the monitoring conditions and to continuously maintain highest measurement performance. It was designed to offer full remote control capabilities of multiple instruments and advanced data management, storage, interpretation and analysis.